Sittin' Crooked, Talkin' Straight

Just a Conversation Between Two Friends

Hey y’all !! *in my most southern draw* I am DeDe, the mastermind behind Sittin’ Crooked, Talkin’ Straight. I grew up in a very small town in eastern North Carolina that virtually no one I have ever met out in the world has ever heard of.  I am not kidding, 2 stop lights and you have gone through the entire town! Newly married my small family relocated to the Queens City, Charlotte NC in 2015, in hopes to start our lives together. Like all fairy tales *NOT* there have been many bumps and bruises along the way and its my hope that my stories of what we have experience can reach someone to help them. I am a hybrid stay at home mom, I say hybrid because currently I work virtually part time while I pursue my dream of becoming a Pilates Instructor and one day studio owner. My husband Mike and I have 1 daughter and 3 furbabies that keep us all pretty busy and bring us so much joy.  When I am not being a personal uber for my tween, cooking or cleaning up after them, you can find me in one of our wonderful local Yoga or Pilates studios attempting to keep myself balance and in check.

What you will find in this blog is my journey to pursuing my dream, while raising a Drama Tween (no seriously she’s a musical theatre major), balancing my interracial family (cos nobody tells you half the things you encounter until you are smacked in the face with it), while remembering self care, because you know when your a momma you typically put yourself on that back burner.

Come along with me on my perfectly imperfect and unapologetic journey of the pursuit of my own happiness.

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